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"Never felt so relaxed before!" – Lara, from Germany

We talk, you go happy

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We are Cayro Leda and Jacobus Okkema, together we are Happy Hipnose. Our mission is to contribute to the spread of a positive and happy mindset around the world with hypnosis!

Are you interested how our brain works and what they are capable of? We provide hypnosis sessions, workshops, readings and even theatershows. Feel free to join one or more of our events!

Cayro Leda

Hypnosis trainer, educated by Melissa Tiers, Anthony Jacquin, Giancarlo Russo, Mike Mendel and OMNI Hypnosis Training Centre. Master in NLP and Brazilian Memory Recordist. Years of experience as a magician, and in street and stage hypnosis. Cayro loves chess and ships.

Jacobus Okkema

Hypnotist, trainer and coach. Specialized in human motivations, mindset, sustainable health and wellness. As a hypnotist educated by Mike Mandel, OMNI, HypnoWorld and Cayro Leda. Jacobus loves endurance obstacle- and survivalrunning, and piano’s.


Hypnosis sessions in Portigal

Team development with hypnosis

Here we see a guided teamtour and mental party by Cayro and Jacobus together at Taguatour Tourismo in Sao Luis (Brazil). A happy hypnosis tour in a deeply relaxed state, gives the opportunity to experience anything in your mind. And if your mind creates, the physical state will follow, as if the experience is real……
Hypnosis sessions in Portigal

Workshop Hypose

In May we provided various workshops ‘Just Hypnosis’ in Wijnjewoude. The participants came from a wide area and all had different backgrounds in terms of interests, life and work. We have done all kinds of exercises to discover how strongly you can positively influence your ‘reality’ with your brain and your thoughts. Not scary, but…
Hypnosis sessions in Portigal

Gezellig avondje brein

On June 23, we were able to experience a very successful ‘Gezellig avondje brein’ in Dúndelle in Bakkeveen. What is hypnosis and what is it not? The differences between hypnotherapy and entertainment hypnosis. Those present were allowed to do a number of hypnosis exercises themselves and were able to experience how strong thoughts can be.…


Even terug naar niks (Dutch)

Wil je even helemaal niets doen? En tegelijk een heerlijke massage voor je brein ontvangen? Beleef een ontspannende reis door je onderbewuste, waarbij gebruik wordt gemaakt van leuke meditatie- en hypnosetechnieken. Er wordt hierbij gebruik gemaakt van geluidseffecten en muziek voor de optimale beleving. Een ware show, die afspeelt in jouw brein, met je ogen gesloten.

Workshop Hypnosis (English, Dutch, Portugues)

Interactive workshop about what hypnosis is, and isn’t. Explanation about the different types of hypnosis, entertainment hypnosis, hypnotherapy and sports hypnosis. It’s not a show in which we make people act like chickens, eat lemons or what so ever. You are going to learn some simple techniques and we are going to have fun with how beautiful our minds work.

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to hypnosis, there are some questions we get now and then. Let’s answer some of them, to clear the image of hypnosis and get rid of some stigmas:

What is hypnosis?

According to the American Psychology Association: A state of consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness characterized by an enhanced capacity for response to suggestions.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

No, maybe not everyone is hypnotizable. It’s also not clear which people are easy or not easy to hypnotize. Let’s just explore together, everything is fine.

Can you get stuck in a hypnotic state?


Can you make someone act like a chicken?

If this person wants it: yes. If this person doesn’t want to: no.


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